Coffee grinders

Sale of refurbished Mahlkönig coffee grinders

We sell excellently refurbished Mahlkönig VTA6 and Mahlkönig K32/K22 Guatemala grinders. The grinder is completely disassembled into its separate parts. Worn parts are replaced by new ones: electrical wiring, limit switches, bearings, pressure mechanism, springs, seals, covers, control elements, stickers. We always sharpen the burrs or, upon customer request, we replace them. We will deliver the refurbished grinder to your address, install it, train the operator and teach you how to maintain the grinder. A refurbished grinder offers you great performance at a fraction of the cost of a new grinder.

Servicing grinders

We repair coffee grinders, specializing in the Mahlkönig brand. All repairs are done in a comprehensive and responsible way. We have the largest stock of spare parts for Mahlkönig grinders in CZ and SK. We also carry out complete refurbishments of Mahlkönig VTA6 and Mahlkönig K32/K22 Guatemala grinders. We will lend you a replacement grinder for the period during which your grinder is being repaired. With us, you will never be left without a grinder.

Sharpening of burrs

We sharpen burrs for Mahlkonig grinders, as well as other brands. Sharpening burrs considerably increases their service life and enhances the quality of the ground coffee. We sharpen burrs for the Mahlkönig K22/K32 Guatemala, diameter 71 mm; Mahlkönig VTA6, diameter 120 mm; Mahlkönig DK 15, diameter 130 mm, Mahlkönig DK27, diameter 180 mm and more…